Mwave is a global platform where you can enjoy a variety of Mnet's K·POP content.

<MEET&GREET>, an online fan meeting where K·POP stars and global fans come together,
M Shop where K·POP star signed CD can be purchased and as the official site for the global music festival,
Mnet ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS, where everyone across the world can enjoy it together,
it has become the head platform for K·POP. 
Mwave where you can enjoy a variety of K-POP

M shop

Selling of K·POP star signed CD


Live global fan meeting with K·POP stars


Provide current rankings and various voting service for K-Pop stars, music and albums.

Mwave with 'Mnet ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS'

Participate in the official voting for 'Mnet ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS', a global music festival where the world can enjoy it togeter, on Mwave!
Various information and events related to MAMA are also available on Mwave.

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