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CJ ENM will fulfill its economic, environmental, and social responsibilities by developing fair, reliable content and dedicate its utmost efforts to communicate with customers to ensure the sustainable growth of the company.

CEO's message

CJ ENM continues to practice a high
standard of ethical management
that is required by the changing
environment of the times.

CJ ENM is very proud to have created content outmatching its competitors in a diverse range of areas such as television, film, music, live events, animation, conventions, MCN, etc. to provide entertainment and deep emotion to our consumers, and to have further globalized content as a leading example of the “Korean Wave.”

All CJ ENM employees have a deep sense of responsibility that the content we create is not just a passing piece of media but content that influences our global audience and becomes the bedrock for local cultures.

CJ ENM will continue to create content with fairness and honesty in order to fuel our growth as the Global No.1 Lifestyle Creator that can receive trust and loyalty from our audience, shareholders, and local community.

CJ ENM has built a solid foundation for ethical management and created the CJ Code of Business Conduct to as a guide and standard for CJ ENM employees' business activities, and by our employees' continued and sincere adherence to our Code we are building a corporate culture full of fairness and honesty.

CJ ENM will continue to create content that provides emotion and life to the everyday life of our worldwide audience and pursue sustained change and innovation to continue our growth, and further we will not compromise or rest on our accomplishments but rather continue in compliance with the high standard of ethical management required today.

​CEO Kang Ho Sung